Frequently Asked Questions

Are there water restrictions in Kitscoty?

Outdoor Watering Restrictions In Effect May 1—October 31

Permitted Hours:  6:00am to 9:00am OR 5:00pm to 10:00pm

If you live in a home with an ODD numbered civic address — water on ODD numbered calendar days;

If you live in a home with an EVEN numbered civic address—water on EVEN numbered calendar days.

Why does the Village impose watering restrictions?  During the spring and summer months municipal water is consumed at a much higher rate mainly due to outdoor water use. The Village must maintain adequate water reserves at all times to meet both municipal and firefighting obligations. Regulating residential water use on an alternating rotation results in much more manageable water consumption. On occasion excessive water consumption may lead to the Village imposing a full outdoor watering ban.   Bylaw 07-2015, Section 39 permits outdoor watering privileges  such as use of garden hose for sprinklers; washing vehicles, building exteriors, windows or parking pads; filling swimming pools as per the scheduled days and hours posted above. Contravention of these bylaw regulations may result in a $500 fine. We greatly appreciate our citizens’ compliance with these regulations so watering bans will not need to be imposed!


$3.45 PER M3


Can I drive my Sled or Quad through the Village?

No. Traffic laws must be observed. Please use the most direct route to outlying areas (please do not drive around the Village)

Can I park in the back alley?

No. Vehicles and trailers are not allowed to be parked in back alleys.

Can I receive my utility bills by email?

Yes, as of January 2017 the village now has the ability to email your monthly utility bills. Just fill out the Email Consent Form and submit it to the Village office.

Can recreation vehicles (eg. motor homes, fifth wheel trailer, etc.) be parked on the street in the Village of Kitscoty?

Yes, they may be parked on the street for a period up to 48 hours to load and unload. Parking is not allowed on the boulevards. Semi tractors and trailers are NOT permitted on the residential streets. There is parking for large vehicles across from the Wheatfield Inn on 49th Avenue.

Does my pet have to be licensed?

Yes. Animal tags expire on December 31 of every year and new tags are required on January 1st of every year.

Cat & Dog License Applications

Dog Tag – $60.00 // Cat Tag – $40.00 // Replacement Tag-$10.00 // Dangerous Dog License Fee-$120.00 RECEIVE A 50% DISCOUNT  PURCHASING BEFORE FEBRUARY 29 OF EACH YEAR

If your animal has a tag and is picked up by the Animal Control Officer, the owner will be notified and if possible, picked up immediately after the Running at Large Fine is paid at the Village Office. Otherwise, the animal will be transported to the SPCA.

If your animal does not have a tag, it will be transported to the SPCA. Before you can claim your animal, the Running at Large Fine must be paid at the Village Office.

How can I pay my Village of Kitscoty Water/Sewer/Garbage Utility bill or my Village of Kitscoty taxes?

The Village of Kitscoty accepts online bill payments from the following financial institutions: ATB, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC and all Credit Unions. As well payments can be made in person during business hours, sent via Canada Post to Box 128 or dropped off in the mail slot at the Village Office.

How do I make a complaint?

The Village Office has an Enforcement Services Concern Tracker that can be filled out. Whether animal related, noise, unsightly yards, etc, if it is written on the concern tracker, the Village will be able to investigate the concern. Anonymous concerns will not be investigated.  Your contact information will remain confidential.

How do I report a highway maintenance issue?

Please contact 310-0000 and ask for Alberta Transportation in Vermilion, Alberta to report highway maintenance issues.

How do I report a streetlight outage?

Visit ATCO Electric’s website at or call the Village Office at 780-846-2221.

How long do I have to shovel the snow/ice off my sidewalk?

You have 48 hours after a snowfall to remove snow/ice from your sidewalk. Please do not place snow from driveways and sidewalks onto public property or streets. Residents must also ensure that tree branches or shrubs do not overhang onto the sidewalks.

I am new to the Village, where can I find information about schools, Power and Gas providers, Internet and TV (Satellite) providers?

You can contact the Village office at 780-846-2221 or view the New Resident Information and Facilities in the Village pages on our website.

What are the hours of the transfer station (garbage dump)?

May 1st to October 31st: Wednesday 2:00pm to 7:00pm, Thursday 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm
November 1st to April 30th: Wednesday 2:00pm to 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm

What are the quiet times for the Village?

A person shall not cause or permit any noise that disturbs the peace of any other person

When will the snow be removed from my street?

The Village of Kitscoty will respond as quickly as possible to snowfalls. The streets are cleared on a priority basis. View the Snow Removal and Sanding for Roadways and Sidewalks Policy to learn more. The Village cannot guarantee that lanes will be cleaned. Snow removal from lanes may occur after all snow removal activities on the streets are completed.

Who are the Electricity and Natural Gas Providers for the Village of Kitscoty?

ATCO Electric and ATCO Gas are the distributors for electricity and natural gas in the Village of Kitscoty. A list of Competitive Retailers can be found at the Utilities Consumer Advocate website. Contact the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta) for more information about your options. “Shedding Light on Your Energy Bill” is a video created by ATCO Electric to help consumers understand their energy bills.

Who do I call in a Water or Sewer Emergency?

Please contact our Public Works at 780-808-0517.

Who do I contact for railway crossing complaints?

Please call CN Police at 1-800-465-9239 or email for emergency calls such as:  trespassing on tracks, unlawful activity, crossing signal defect, etc.

Please call CN Public Inquiry Line at 1-888-888-5909 or email for non-emergency concerns such as: noise, train whistling, general property maintenance, etc.

Who do I contact in a power outage?

Please report your power outage to ATCO Electric by calling 1-800-668-5506 or by completing ATCO’s online Power Outage Form located on their current outages page of their website.