Enforcement Services

The Village has entered into an agreement with the County of Vermilion River for the provision of Peace Officer Services for enforcement of Village bylaws and selected Provincial Statutes.  Commencing September 1, 2017 the County’s Community Peace Officers (CPO’s) will be randomly patrolling the Village for violations of bylaws and specific Provincial Statutes.  This program is a collaborative effort between the Village of Kitscoty, County of Vermilion River, Village of Marwayne, Village of Dewberry and Village of Paradise Valley.  This project is funded by the Villages and the Alberta Community Partnership Grant.

  • Village Bylaw enforcement (noise, animal control, unsightly properties, etc.)
  • Traffic enforcement (Provincial Traffic regulations such as speed, obeying signs, licensing, distracted driving, etc.)

All concerns and complaints must be submitted to the Village Office by completing the Enforcement Services Concern Tracker.  You can submit the form by email, fax or mail.  Please note anonymous concerns/complaints will not be investigated.