New Resident Information

The Village of Kitscoty and members of the Village Council extend a warm welcome to you upon your arrival in the Village.  We are pleased you have chosen our friendly community as your new place of residence.

Tax Notices

Tax and Assessment Notices are mailed out prior to April 30 of each year.  Taxes are due and payable on June 30.  All taxes outstanding after June 30 are subject to a 12% penalty.  A further 6% penalty will be levied on all tax balances remaining unpaid after December 31.

Utility Information

The Village of Kitscoty sends out the utility (water, sewer and garbage) bill on a monthly basis.  A refundable deposit in the amount of $200.00 is required on all new accounts.  Please call the Village Office with the water meter read upon possession of the new residence to ensure an accurate billing on the first utility bill.  The utility bill is comprised of the following charges: Water Basic (distribution costs) $25.00; Water Capital $17.50; Sewer $15.00; Garbage $24.00; Recycle $1.50; PLUS Water consumption is charged at rate of $3.45 per cubic meter.  Please contact the Village Office to opt into EBilling.

Natural Gas and Electricity

Natural Gas distributor- ATCO Gas; Electricity distributor – ATCO Electric 

For a list of competitive retailors please visit Utilities Consumer Advocate.

Internet and TV (Satellite) Providers


MCSNet; Bellevista; Xplornet; CCI Wireless

TV (Satellite)

Bell; TELUS; Shaw Direct