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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – External Audit Services

The Village of Kitscoty is accepting proposals for external audit services until October 30, 2019 at 11:59 a.m.  For further details click here.


In October 2017 the Province of Alberta approved a number of amendments to the Municipal Government Act including a requirement for all municipalities in the province that share a common boundary to develop and have in place an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) by the spring of 2020. The Village of Kitscoty is collaborating with our neighbouring municipality, the County of Vermilion River, to develop these documents in accordance with Provincial requirements.

An Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework provides integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of intermunicipal services. An Intermunicipal Development Plan is the land use planning portion of the ICF, that plans a vision for the intermunicipal boundary area.

These collaborative planning processes are underway and the initial stage of the Public Consultation process “Beyond Boundaries” took place on Monday, January 28th at the Kitscoty & District Community & Seniors Centre.  Dozens of County and Village residents visited to learn more about the process and to share their input which will help to inform the ongoing conversations between our municipalities.

Did you miss the “Beyond Boundaries” consultation?  It’s not too late to participate!

To view the PowerPoint presentation from January 28th click here.

Share your thoughts by February 8th, 2019 on our future by completing and submitting a feedback form.


Below are the presentation posters from the public consultation:




Alberta Community Partnership Grants

The Villages of Kitscoty is collaborating with our neighboring municipalities on the following projects:

  • Infrastructure Capacity Review;
  • Shared Regional Enforcement Services;
  • Regional Emergency Management Program;
  • Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) and Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs)