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Important Information Regarding the Adoption of the New Alberta Codes

New Alberta Fire, Building and Energy Efficiency Codes will come into force on April 1, 2019.  For information on the Transition Period and Timely Code Adoption please read an excerpt from the Safety Codes council notice.  Full details are available at Safety Codes Council Website

Under the Alberta Safety Codes Act, construction projects require permits to ensure the health and safety of the occupants of a building project. The Village of Kitscoty issues the Development Permits and has contracted The Inspections Group Inc. to issue the Building Permits, Electrical Permits, Gas Permits and Plumbing Permits.

Development Permits

A Development Permit is required for new construction, renovations and to change how a building is to be used. The Development Permit approves the location, size and use of a building with consideration being given to zoning, existing construction and may be subject to conditions such as utility right of ways, restrictive covenants and proximity to roads. A Development Permit is required before you apply for a Building Permit. The permit fee must be paid in full before a Development Permit is issued. Please click here for the Village of Kitscoty Development Permit Application.

Business Development Permits

A Development Permit is required for all business development in Kitscoty.  This includes commercial businesses and home businesses.  Please click here for the Business Development Permit Application.

To view the Development Permit Fee Schedule please click here.

Safety Code Permits

A Building Permit regulates how a building or structure is built. Before applying for a Building Permit the following must be obtained: 1. a copy of the approved Development Permit; 2. the correct municipal address and legal description of the property (Lot, Block and Plan); 3. proof of New Home Warranty (for all new construction) and 4. at least two complete sets of plans for the building including: the floor plan, elevation drawings, cross-section drawings, mechanical information, electrical information, and professional endorsement (Engineer or Architect seal). Before a Building Permit is issued all construction plans will be reviewed to verify they meet the requirements of regulations adopted under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

The Alberta Safety Codes Act requires that installations of electrical, gas and plumbing be covered under a permit which must be inspected. The Safety Codes Officers will verify that proper methods of assembly are used and examine for proper identification before providing acceptance of installations.

Inspections Group Permits

Inspections Group Building Permit Application

Inspections Group Electrical Permit Application

Inspections Group Gas Permit Application

Inspections Group Plumbing Permit Application

Other Inspection Group Forms and Information

The Inspections Group Permit and Compliance Reference Guide

Inspections Group Inspections Stages Information

2016 Inspection Group Fee Schedules

Visit or call toll free 1-866-554-5048 for more information.

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New Home Warranty Program

Effective February 1, 2014 every new home built in Alberta will require warranty coverage. This includes: single family homes, duplexes, multi-family homes, condominiums, substantial reconstruction, as well as manufactured homes (modular, ready-to-move, etc.).

Under the New Home Buyer Protection Act, Permit Issuers cannot issue a building permit unless they have verified that appropriate warranty coverage or an authorization for exemption from the coverage requirement is in place on the property.

For more information about the new warranty standards and the warranty providers in Alberta visit

Click Before You Dig

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, the Alberta Electrical Utility Code and the Alberta Pipeline Regulation require that the locations of all buried utilities be marked before a ground disturbance begins.  This applies to anyone planning to disturb the ground, not just contractors.  For information on how to submit a line locate request visit Alberta One-Call at  Contact Alberta One Call by phoning 1-800-242-3447 or email  Contact ATCO Gas at 1-800-242-3477 or visit to submit your natural gas line locate request at least two working days before the start of any project.