Snow Removal

All Property Owners are responsible for removing snow from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours of a snowfall.  Being diligent with snow removal reduces snow and ice build up.  If ice does develop on a sidewalk the property owners is also responsible for eliminating this hazard.

Please do not sweep, shovel, push or blow snow from your property or the public sidewalks onto the streets.

Calling All Pet Owners – It’s Time To License Your Pets!!

Before February 28th, 2019 you will pay a license fee of:

            Dog $30.00 Cat $20.00

After February 28th, 2019 you will pay the license fee plus an offence penalty:

Owner who fails to renew licence for Dog or Cat before February 28th $100.00
Owner who fails to licence Dog or Cat over 3 months of age $100.00

Quick Facts:

  • The owner of dog(s) or cat(s) over the age of three (3) months shall apply for a license.
  • A licence must be renewed on an annual basis by paying the applicable licence fee to the Village office prior to February 28th in each year. Any Person who fails to renew a licence within this time limit is guilty of an offence.
  • Every Person who resides in the Village who:
    • becomes an owner of a dog or cat that is over the age of three (3) months, or
    • takes up residence within the Village and who is the owner of a dog or cat that is over the age of three (3) months,

shall apply for a licence within thirty (30) days of becoming the owner of such dog or cat or of taking up residence in the Village.

  • An Owner of an unlicenced Dog or Cat is guilty of an offence and shall be subject to offence penalties.